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half dollars

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Have a few raw half dollars to sell. Grading is my own. Original coins unless noted. Price includes delivery to US addresses...shipping elsewhere may be a bit more. Shipping cost adjustments will be made if you're buying more than one coin.


1877-S seated half, AG - $14.00

1841-O seated half, F/VF, lots of reverse die cracks - $70 (SOLD)


1952 Franklin, lighter brown/grey toning, MS63 or so - $12.00

1952-S Franklin, bit of toning at rims, MS64 - $50.00

1963-D Franklin, bit of toning at the rims, MS63 - $10.00

1963 Franklin, brownish toning on the obverse, MS62 - $10.00

1962 Franklin, nice original MS coin, unfortunately it has a fine scratch across the bell that can be seen with a loupe - $10.00

1959 Franklin, light bluish/brown toning at rims (mostly obverse), full bell or nearly so, MS63 - $10.00

1961-D Franklin, white coin, has a couple hits on Ben's lapel, MS62 - $10.00

1958 Franklin, bluish/brown toning on most of obverse, MS64 - $15.00

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