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What exactly was "South Russia"?


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I've heard of a South Russia being involved in the Russian Civil War before, but recently I saw that this region also produced banknotes like these:




So my question is more of a historical one: What exactly was South Russia? Was it some kind of region that stood as the last resistance force to the Soviets? OR was it some kind of autonomous region that co-existed with the new USSR (or RSFSR)? The interesting thing is that the currency of South Russia has a motto on all of its notes, a rough translation is "One Russia, United, Indivisible"...


Any help is appreciated, even links to articles or historical accounts

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South Russia was an area controlled by the counter-revolutionaries and the allied forces supporting them immediately after the Russian Civil War from 1917 until early 1919. The area encompassed the area extending from Krim(Crimea) peninsula in now Ukraine into the area of the Donets'k and Luhans'k Oblasts of Ukraine and into the area around Rostov Na Donu in Southern Russia and into the N. Caucausian mtns around Stravopol in S. Russia.


These notes were prepared by Waterlow and Sons in Great Britain for this area:




The area fell to the communists and associated revolutionists early in 1919 and the notes were never circulated as a result of the withdrawal of the British and French occupations and the collapses of the counter-revolutionary armies in early 1919.

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Ah, I knew you'd be the best one to answer this!


Good info!


Russian history, or for that matter, world history in that general region, is something that I have not been educated in, and I've neglected the study on my own for too long. From what little I know, it's very interesting. Thanks for the answer, and the question, too!

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