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1973 50 pence - rare silver version


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I am going through old and new coins that I appear to have horded - and after Christmas may well sell some duplicates like piedfort .


But first may I impose a question you?


Whilst looking through 2009 Spinks to put numbers for coins and silver sets -my main area of collection. I collect 70s - 80s Silver and Piedfort samples (amd some Brittania sets). Also, I was looking for a gentle guide to full market price (not achievable through trade sales) which is the way I came across a small question, and I thought you may be able to shed some light on.


I have a 1973 50p that was sold as a proof and I can't find reference to one.


However, Spinks mention (4224A) that there were a number of heavier, silver versions created for Euro ministers and these are very expensive coins. On a simple'eyes closed' test iy comes out on top each time. But I think iy may be time to invest in electrical scales. I have a lot of pre1920 ish .925 florins, 3D and 6D and hoards of 50% half-crowns and the like


I am continuing to look, but my finishing point is that the case has a logo on it that reads: FFCE (in a stylised way).


The colour of the coin doesn't look very, very proof like - it is a little whiter.


Anyway, after my ramble I will leave you be and hope to hear from yoi if you dig up any news. I can of course send photos if required.


Kind Regards



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I have a 1973 50p that was sold as a proof and I can't find reference to one.


In addition to the above there were also proof versions issued in the proof sets of that year,

they should all be the same weight as the normal versions.


I've not seen a 1973 silver piedfort issue - but one assumes it would also be somewhat thicker than the usual issue.

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