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Help with pyatak - Catherine I


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Here is a recent eBay acquisition of mine, the first coin I ever bought for this type:



Although the seller advertised this as "1727-MD", it cannot be (look at the eagle wings ... there is unfortunately corrosion where the "M" would be). I am thinking it is 1727-НД, Bitkin 279 ("5 feathers in wing")... :ninja:


An interesting thing about this coin is the die orientation ... what was the normal die orientation for this type? It is actually 180 degrees different from the images in Bitkin -- i.e. when you hold the coin with the crowns pointing up, then turn the coin around (horizontally, not vertically) the words "ПѦТЬ КОПѢЕКЪ" are upside-down and the date is on top (NOTE: this is not the rare "date above" variety, but only a possible rotated die error).


Thanks for looking! ;)

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