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Panama Question


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I recently bought a 1969 Panama proof set on eBay, mainly for the Balboa which in this set was still the same as a silver dollar (26.73g 0.900 fine silver), but I thought the dime, quarter and half would be clad since they are the same as US coins. The quarter and dime are what I expect, but the half looks to be silver, perhaps 40% silver. Did Panama use the same 40% silver composition on halves that the US did in the late 1960s? Whether it's silver or not, I can't complain since I paid less than $12 for the set including shipping!

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According to Krause the 1969 Panama proof set (KM#PS7) consisted of six coins:

    KM#22 - bronze centesimo

    KM#23.2 - 5g cu-ni 5 centesimos

    KM#10a - 2.25g cu-ni clad copper 1/10 Balboa

    KM#11a - 5.65g cu-ni clad copper 1/4 Balboa

    KM#12a.1 - 12.5g .400 silver clad 1/2 Balboa

    KM#27 - 26.73g .900 silver Balboa


Congratulations on a very good purchase!

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I appreciate your response on both forums! And besides, sometimes it's the other way around, last question I posted on Mexican 8-reales, I got a response here before there was any response on the NGC forum, I guess it depends on the question!


PS- do you know when they stopped producing 0.900 fine dimes, quarters and halves? Was it also in 1965 like the US?

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do you know when they stopped producing 0.900 fine dimes, quarters and halves?
Panama's coinage history is somewhat intermittent, in part because US coin and currency have long been legal tender, with the 100 centesimos Balboa inextricably linked to the US dollar.


According to Krause:


Coins denominated 10 centesimos were struck in .900 silver in 1904, and in multiple cu-ni clad copper designs intermittently from 1975-82. The same-value denomination 1/10 Balboa was struck in silver occasionally from 1930-61, and in cu-ni clad copper beginning in 1966.


25 centesimos were also silver in 1904 and clad from 1975-82. 1/4 Balboas appeared from 1930-61 in silver and clads first appeared in 1966.


2.8-million silver 50 centesimos were struck in 1904-5, but 1-million were melted in 1931 to provide planchets for Balboas struck in San Francisco. The denomination was clad from 1975-82. 1/2 Balboas were .900 silver from 1930-61, and .400 silver clad from 1966-70 (plus proofs through 1972 and some unauthorized proofs in 1993). Since 1970 they have been clad.


Besides the US mint, Panamanian coins have been struck by the Royal Canadian Mint, the Franklin Mint, and the Valcambi Mint in Switzerland.

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