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Mexico 8-Reale Questions


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Ok, I was just looking through some of my Mexican 8-reales, and I had a few questions, hopefully they are basic enough someone can help:


1. When did they switch from the pillar obverse to the eagle? I assumed it was when the Mexican Republic was formed in 1836, but I looked and I have an 1833 that has the eagle.

2. I noticed that the earlier coins from the 1830s have a medal alignment, but the later dates (I have some from the 1860s, 1880s and 1890s) and they are in coin alignment, when was the switch made?

3. Is there an online source listing all the Mexican mints?


Thanks for all your help!

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Looking in Krause's Standard Catalog, the Pillar was last struck in 1822. There followed two years of chaos with local coinages. The official (Republican) coinage resumes in 1824. Mintmarks include Mo (Mexico City) but also Do (Durango).


Realize that the war for independence began September 16, 1810 and the first wave was crushed by December 1811 with the deaths of Hidalgo and Morelos. There followed 10 years of sporadic revolts. Sent to defeat yet another, Agustín de Iturbide rallied the rebels instead. Lest this seem understandable, read on ... Spain, having been temporarily occupied by Napoleon's France, now had caught the liberal virus. Freed of France, some still wanted constitutional govenment, freedom of this, freedom of that... The conservatives in Mexico were displeased and sought to separate from Spain in order to establish a local monarchy. That was not half-bad to the liberals. Bringing in the rabble required some compromise, but Iturbide arranged the Peace of Three Promises.


All of that and more on Wikipedia...

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