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106th auction of Winter - Duesseldorf is online

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Hello friends of art medals,


The coin dealer Winter in Duesseldorf has just today sent out his catalogue for his 106th auction.

There are about 3000 items in the catalogue, with a separate chapter on art medals: Goetz, Gies, Schwegerle, Scharff, Nuss, Moshage, Bosselt, Dasio etc

The auction is already online:


http://com.muenzenhandlung-winter.de/downl...auktion_106.pdf (complete catalogue about 47 MB)


Part 1 of the auction (introduction): http://com.muenzenhandlung-winter.de/downl...06_-_teil_1.pdf


Part 2 of the auction (first day's offers): http://com.muenzenhandlung-winter.de/downl...06_-_teil_2.pdf


Part 3 of the auction (second day's offers): http://com.muenzenhandlung-winter.de/downl...06_-_teil_3.pdf


Part 4 of the auction (index): http://com.muenzenhandlung-winter.de/downl...06_-_teil_4.pdf


The auction will take place on 21 and 22 August 2009 in Holiday Inn Hotel in Düsseldorf.


Happy bidding! :ninja:



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