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Guam State Quarter

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From Numismaster.com: http://numismaster.com/ta/numis/Article.js...;ArticleId=7052




Floyd Howze of North Carolina sent in the first report to Numismatic News of a 2009-P Guam Territorial quarter with an obverse doubled die. The variety is typical of the obverse doubled dies that have been seen on many dates and types of the state quarter series with centralized doubling restricted to Washington's earlobe.


The underlying secondary image is south of the primary image of the ear. Diagnostic die markers (fingerprints) specific to this variety include die breaks through the designer/engravers' initials on the base of bust, a die crack above Washington's eye (what appears to be a horizontal die crack further up is a bag mark) and on the reverse, a die crack centered at the top of the island.


I listed it in the Variety Coin Register on July 17, 2009, for the date, Mint, denomination and type as VCR#1/DDO#1.


He also sent in a 2009-P Guam quarter with a die clash on the reverse, which shows raised distorted areas in the field to the right-center of the island. Generally speaking, die clashes are a low interest variety type, but I always like to show the first one or two that get reported for any of the new state/territorial quarters.


Another Guam quarter from Howze features a rather large though shallow die break that is centered on the top of the island. This one is similar to the shallow die break used as a marker for his Guam doubled die except that it is larger. This has turned out to be a very common area of die breakage for this issue. Some folks on eBay are referring to this as an "extra island," which it is not.

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Howze spot those errors?


Apparently. I've only come across one 2009 coin (a penny, I think) in change. I haven't seen a Guam quarter, let alone a DDO!


Have you been looking at varieties, BH?

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