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Italian State Sardinia 5 lire 1835


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Today i got my 5 Lire 1835.

It looks very nice, a bit toned. I bought it from an auction and there was for sale a lots of great coins from same seller:

Italy: Corsica 5 lire xf+, 20 lire 1928 UNC, 5 lire 1879 UNC etc. and my 5 lire:




All was nice untill i weighted it, 22,8 g.

Krause shows 25 g. Is krause missing something or this coin is just a fake? :ninja:

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I don't like the look of the dentacles or the shallow relief of the engraving, especially around the base of the shield. I'm not saying it's fake, but I certainly would suspect there is something shady about it.

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