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  1. I am too outbid all but one lot and it is tomorrow. About the ended lots, i was looking the results and then found that 1826 5 kop XF was sold 1100 CHF and next lot 1826 5 kop AU sold 325 CHF Intresting, opened lots to look why is that. Here is the photo: https://auktionen.sincona.com/img/lose/111/00507q00.jpg LOT:507 5 Kopecks 1826, St. Petersburg Mint, HГ. 1.08 g. Bitkin 149 var. Severin 2885 var. Good extremely fine. 5 копеек 1826, СПб МД, HГ. 1.08 г. Биткин 149 вар. Северин 2885 вар. Состояние лучше чем отличное. Collector’s note: “S. Var(iant) not in Severin. Rare! Unicum??
  2. I havent even tought about this type of 10 kopecks as far as you. I have long to go before these kind of coins. This set thing was confusing, like they meant that bank gave this set out, different varieties and all coins approx. same quality(as new). About the prices: this 10 kop. sold 28 000.- pound. (+ BP i think= The most expensive!!! 5 kop. 1812 bitkin R3 http://www.sixbid.com/browse.html?auction=1374&category=28204&lot=1260181 39 000.- pound And this coin, estimate was smallest and i even bid on that one. http://www.sixbid.com/browse.html?auction=1374&categor
  3. 09.06 was Morton and Eden auction. 39 amazing Alexander I silver coins sold, coins are here. http://www.sixbid.com/browse.html?auction=1374&category=28204 I was curious about where they are from and is there more to come. I googled it and found a great story behind these gems. LONDON.- A group of rare silver Tsarist coins in extraordinary condition has been discovered among a large cache of otherwise mainly unremarkable coinage by specialist London auctioneers Morton & Eden. The 39 coins, struck during the reign of Alexander I, could raise as much as £100,000 when they are of
  4. I made only one "just in case bid", to lot 4555, lost. Rouble 1846 MS62, lovely coin in my eyes. Intresting that lot 4598, Coronation ruble of Nikolai II 1896 MS62 was UNSOLD. What does it mean? Estimate 1000-1500, so no one didnt offered even 1000$? or how does it work. http://images.goldbergauctions.com/php/lot_auc.php?site=1&sale=80&lot=4598
  5. Thanks to all. Since i already have Alex 25 and 50 kopecks, the only one im worried about is rouble. Aaah, just need to save "some" money(or win a lottery) and keep my eyes open. Lets hope that one day i can make another gif;)
  6. I finally got all Nikolai II circulation silver coins graded as Mint State and wanted to share with you and made a GIF. All but one i bought/got as raw, the only one that was already graded is 50 kopecks 1912 MS63. Here is the list: 5 kopecks 1901 MS-64 10 kopecks 1915 MS-65 15 Kopecks 1915 MS-67 20 kopecks 1915 MS-66 25 kopecks 1896 MS-65 50 kopecks 1912 MS-63 1 rouble 1912 MS-64 http://gifmaker.me/PlayFrameAnimation.php?folder=2014060205KS7uXzmc72xXo5nlTslAlN Well, Alexander III will be next , already have 3 out of 7
  7. art, seems that you dont hold them everyday in hand. 1,2 and 5 cents supposed to be copper(red or brown) This one is golden. I have seen pictures in forum about these before. For sure it is rarer than normal one but personally i dont collect euro coins and dont know much more. Nice find anyway! Edit: If this would be lincoln 1 cent and made from brass or nickel, it would be ultimate rarity and $$$ signs would blink but not sure about euro coins.
  8. Another one that intrested me: Sincona lot 528, 2200 CHF + bp http://www.m-dv.ru/monety-rossii-1700-1917/prohod,107820/coins,3695/type,5191/auction,83/date,2013-10-14/lot,528/images-prohod.html Heritage lot 25825, 1410$ MS63 http://coins.ha.com/c/item.zx?saleNo=3032&lotNo=25825
  9. Poland zloty 1837 PF63, on envelope brilliant proof http://coins.ha.com/c/item.zx?saleNo=241410&lotNo=15231 To be honest, if this coin would be raw in internet auction, i never would thought that this proof. Denmark 4srm 1871, on envelope proof, graded MS63 http://coins.ha.com/c/item.zx?saleNo=241410&lotNo=15085 There are more of these, i just looked from my tracked lots. Still i think, the grader was not enaugh educated to grade them properly.
  10. On that Heritage link, there is a photo of an envelope where this 1827 25k were. On that was written proof. If someone has time to look, then there were more non.russian EPN coins proof but ngc graded MS. I just thought that long ago they were not so educated to recognize proof from well struck coin:P
  11. I was wrong about the proof part.( atleast i can dream:D) This coin is now graded and got MS64 http://www.ngccoin.com/certlookup/index.aspx?CertNumber=2790074-009 Im glad to have it in my collection!
  12. i think 8-9k. There is 25 kop 1827 from same collection too. I belive old EHR Green collection. http://coins.ha.com/c/item.zx?saleNo=241410&lotNo=15253&lotIdNo=11221 Old envelope with 75c price , i want a time machine. Love the wings down silver coins. I have only 5kop but atleast UNC;)
  13. You can buy one from Heritage tomorrow. http://coins.ha.com/c/item.zx?saleNo=241410&lotNo=15254&lotIdNo=11222 The estimate is long gone but coin is nice:)
  14. If intrested, then i gave my 2 Straits coins for sale to this coin shop: 10c 1883 http://www.pegasusauctions.com/i91-straits-settlements-victoria-10-cents-1883-silver-ngc-au58-pop-1-4-no-better-rare 20c 1919, UNC, mint error. http://www.pegasusauctions.com/i92-straits-settlements-george-v-20-cents-1919-b-bombay-silver-toned-unc-mint-error Cheaper to buy straight than from ebay.
  15. Same here, bet on 6 coins. Waiting to see the results!
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