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Laying of the first stone of the New Royal Exchange

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Great Britain, bronze medal commemorating the laying of the first stone of the New Royal Exchange, London, by Joseph Stothard, 1842 AD.,

Bronze Medal (44 mm / 41,33 g),

Obv.: ALBERTVS VBIQVE - HONORATVS / A. I. STOTHARD. F. , head of Prince Albert facing right.

Rev.: SVB AVSPICIO PRINCIPIS // RESTAVRATIO / IANVAR: XVII / MDCCCXLII. , western front view of the New Royal Exchange, London.



From "The Gentleman's Magazine", by John Nichols, volume XVII., new series. MDCCCXLII. January to June. March 1842, p. 296: MEDAL OF PRINCE ALBERT.


"We have before us a very handsome medal, engraved and struck by Mr. Alfred Joseph Stothard, medal engraver to Her Majesty, in commemoration of the laying of the first stone of the New Royal Exchange. The obverse exhibits a profile head of the Prince, with this inscription, Albertvs Vbiqve Honoratvs. This title was suggested by the inscription on a medalet of lead found on the site of the Old Royal Exchange (and now in the museum of Mr. C. R. Smith, F.S.A.) which bears the Tudor arms, and the words \ M, i i i. Regina Vbique Honorata. This is supposed to have been struck to record Queen Elizabeth's patronage of the original edifice.


On the obverse of Mr. Stothard's medal is an elevation of the western front of the proposed building, surmounted by this inscription, Svb Avspicio Principis. and below, Restavratio Ianvar: xvii Mdcccxlii.


This work of art, which possesses very considerable merit in itself, is the more worthy of public patronage from the circumstance of its design being really allu- live to the occasion; whilst that which was adopted by the Joint Gresham Committee had only one side—a head of Her Majesty, from a die borrowed at the Foreign-office, and engraved for another purpose ; and the place of a reverse supplied by a bare inscription. Such is the present state of official patronage of the arts."


Another one about the event with the most famous couple of those days :




medal on the new Royal Excange London, By Allen and Moore, Birmingham, 1844 AD.,

White Metal Medal (39 mm / 18,85 g),


Rev.: ROYAL EXCHANGE - LONDON // FIRST STONE LAID JAN 19 1842 BY / H R H. PRINCE ALBERT. / OPENED BY / H. M. G. M. VICTORIA / 1844. , side view of the building.

BHM# 2174 WM. 44mm, WM. 39mm, AE 39mm all R .


thanks to "constanius" for the refernce.


I wold like to understand the meaning of the New Royal Exchange for the economy of those days. Was it like Wall Street today for the global finance markets?



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This is a good read about the Exchange Link says it better than I can, but if you want you can read my version:


In brief it was a bourse which housed shops (early shopping mall),merchants, bankers, insurers, traders, with goods and peoples from around the world. It was a meeting place for entrepreneurs, even slave traders etc. I think less like just Wall St. and more a place for all services, commercial, business, trade etc like the whole package so to speak.


Very nice medal. BHM# 2077 AR. RR. AE. N.


ALBERTVS........ = Albert, honoured everywhere


SVB........= Under royal patronage. RESTAVRATIO = Restoration

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