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Queen Victoria 1843 Token, Possible Gaming Counter.

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VICTORIA QUEEN OF GREAT BRIT 1843. Rev. The Prince of Wales plumes within the motto of the Order of the Garter, HONI SOIT QUI MALY PENSE. BHM# 2092 20mm AE. Unlisted in AE. only listed in Br. R. BHM states "No specific reasons have been found for the issue of this piece, possibly it is a gaming counter"


Why this token is dated 1843 is still a mystery, also why the P.O.W.'s feathers are shown within the garter motto is strange as Albert Edward was only 2 years old and was not admitted to the Order of the Garter till much later.


The other thing is, why such a large gap in the legend above Vicky's head, resulting in BRITAIN being truncated to BRIT.


Still, nice to have a rare piece in an unlisted metal with some mystery attached to it.

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Today in the morning I woke up thinking about that strange coin and its message related with conspiracy theories and I started a short reserach to check the network if there was anything about it. The story is like that, in 1979 walking on the outskirts of a small town in the northern center of Mexico while visiting relatives from house to house, I found something that was surrendering like a brownish dirt coin on the ground and I kicked it, my aunt was pushing me and hurrying me to leave the place together with others and keep moving so I Just had the chance to take a single one and throw it in my pockets. Later when I arrived to my hometown, Guadalajara Mexico I cleaned it with sodium carbonate and I could see the inscription of a lady's picture and a duster on the back. obviously there was no internet or literature to research a little about what it was and where it came from. Since I was a boy at that time, I just thought it was a treasure and had only taken one coin. I told my father a short version of this story and the hurried man asked me to tell him where I had seen it, so I told him the whole story. Months later my father and I went back there but on the site a new street were already started, holes and men at work just found out, so someone else was the lucky one and took the coins that could be. I think this : when you do not have to find your fortune ... luck is not for you, it's for someone else. Nowadays my questions are: what did those coins do there? who bring these to Mexico? to that small town? I know because the History there were Spanish settlers at the site and later French and Austrians settled but not English. Well, I think that coin was more emblematic for English people than for any other person.

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