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Germany, 1758-1800, Brass counter by Johann Christian Reich

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Hello my worldwide spread friends,


i felt sorry for this old tiny piece of corroded metal and granted (her/him/it?) asylum on one of my trays:




Germany, Johann Christian Reich (1740-1814), engraver in Fürth/Germany, struck ca. 1761-1800 AD.,

Brass counter (19-21 mm / 0,90 g),

Obv.: IOHAN CHRISTIAN REICH RE PFENN , around sun, crescent moon and 9 stars.

Rev.: TURCK....AN FORD / I. C. R. , ship.

online resources - .


Maybe someone can help to complete the legend. I suppose it´s more related to the Turks wars of the 18th century than to the Ford corporation.




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Hmm ... I would see a "T" there (and thus read TURCK) too. The odd thing is, there are similar tokens that have a "D" instead. Not sure whether this one (below) is an original piece, and DURCH GLICK AN FORD does not really make sense :ninja: but that is what I read on this one ...




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Well, I am German, but the problem is that this is not exactly 21st century standard German. :ninja: For example, "equal" would be "gleich" - this GLICK however is probably "Glück" (luck) ... but I still don't understand the entire phrase.



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