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Nepalese gold coin mohar or tola??


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Hi there,

Could anyone help me to find the difference between the Nepalese KM#702 and #703 gold coins. I have recently bought a Nepalese coin from a well known auction, but it weights only 5.6 gr and it was said it is a golden Nepalese tola KM#703. I though mohar was 5.6 gram and tola was above 12 grams. If so, it is the mohar coin KM#702. I'd like to find out the about the difference among these two. Maybe anyone has the KM#703 gold tola and could tell me the weight of it?

I have also seen auctions like this:


Ashrapihi (tola) coin weights 5.6 gram and is identifed as #703 too. So what is the difference between #702 and #703 then?

Thanks in advance.


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