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Gustav II Adolf


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Hallo. I'm looking for informations about coin of Gustav II Adolf.

All I know is - 1½ schilling Riga of Gustav Adolf.

Question is : why 1 and 1½ schilling?

How many coins were struck and why only in one year - 1623 ?


Help, please... :ninja:

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First: I´m no expert on these. I just found this one on coinarchieves:




Should be 1.5 (=1 and a half) schilling denomination, also called a polchi (looks like a fit to some former, local denomination during Swedish occupation of the Baltic states).


This site compares rarities of the Swedish issues in Riga:




Your coin is rated "rare" (but what does this mean if nearly every collector in eastern Europe is searching with metal detectors now).



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Arminius, AnemicOak, thanks for the info.

I know more, but not enough. I must establish, what was the

reason to struck such kind of schilling.

I've just written to the owner of the site " Svenska besittningar och dess myntning : Riga" and I believe, that answer will come on.

Thank so much again for help and i wish You all the best :ninja:

ps. sorry for my english

ps2. I have not a metal detector ;)

ps3. yesterday I won on auction another one.

Take a look, please, on date.


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