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My Künker coins arrived this week! :)


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I won the 1899-AG for €70 and the 1911 for €90. The 1899-AG is only XF (at best, and with small rim dings), and although problem-free and nicely toned, I probably overpaid for it (estimate was €75, so I was the only bidder on that one).


But the 1911 is GORGEOUS ... ;) ... it took my breath away when I opened the little paper envelope! So I thought you might like to see these:


1899-АГ (St. Petersburg mint)

(Auction 150, lot 3405):





Link to Künker images of this coin


1911-ЭБ (St. Petersburg mint)

(Auction 150, lot 3411):





Link to Künker images of this coin


All in all, I am very happy with my purchases! :ninja:

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Very nice Bob! Thanks for showing.

Thanks, Steve!


Did you tell your wife yet? ;)



Yes ... also 'fessed up about the 1908 poltina I am going to Munich to fetch next week (...but only after I also told her that I sold some of my Peruvian Libra and Swiss Vreneli gold coins to cover it...)!


We're OK now ... ;)

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