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HENRY VIII Silver Halfgroat SUPERB Portrait

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How do you fancy owning a piece of Tudor history?


I am offering here, before I put on my site, a stunning halfgroat of Henry VIII. One of the most famous monarchs in Britain's long and turbulent history. This coin features an exceptionally clear portrait of the well-rounded, bearded Henry. These coins are scarce but even more-so in this condition.


CIVI TAS LON DON - City of London, Southwark Mint. Henry VIII's Posthumous coinage struck during the reign of his only son.


The book price for this coin is £200 in Very Fine. Therefore, I think this is an absolute bargain for £65, and is only available to forum members here for a short while...


In VF it books in at nearly $290 but it is yours for just $94.


Postage on this would be Royal Mail AirSure abroad (£7) and Special Delivery within UK (£6).


Enjoy, it really is better than the photos suggest. Please PM me for more details and to discuss purchase.





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