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Faculte de Medecine, Montpellier

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OK, beauty is in the eye of the beholder so I don't expect this particular jeton to ring bells for everyone.


Numismatically this one is interesting due to the cuds both obverse and reverse, one nearly completely obliterating the `De'. The dies obviously didn't have much life left in them.


The Montpellier jeton itself is difficult to find. The obverse design was used on a number of jetons for other locations and gives the impression that `the' jeton is quite common. This is certainly not the case for Montpellier


When researching this one I came across the Statutes of the Medical Society of Franch-Compte (established in 1844). Interestingly article 78 of the Society states that members will receive an attendance fee (in the form of a jeton de presence) for each of the monthly meetings they attend. For each public meeting they fail to attend (for any reason) they have to give back one attendance fee (jeton) and no excuse would be acceptable (presumably even death). The article also states that the attendance fee (jeton) carries a value of 1 franc. So, although neither `currency' or `token' this particular jeton de presence carried a notional value of 1 franc back in 1844/5.



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Very interesting piece. It almost looks like someone spilled hot metal on it .............


That's exactly what it looks like! At first glance that's what I thought. I also wondered if it might have been mounted as a brooch but again that is not the case. The metal `cuds' are the exact same metal as the jeton itself. Obverse, the `cuds' are all over the place but mainly at the edges. The flans for these pieces were pre made and if there was any molten metal around it would have been well masked by the subsequent striking of the design. That leaves the possibility that 1) somehow molten metal was sprinkled on both obverse and reverse post strike or 2) the jeton evidences having been struck using dies which had seen far better days or 3) some other reason that hasn't come to mind as yet....... :ninja:

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I have a piece of ex-jewelry someplace where the jeweler (or someone less qualified) dripped metal onto the piece when they removed the pin. But that still wouldn't explain it on both sides...

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