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What can make a C-N coin look Bra?


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Hey CoinPeople,


I just received a rather large lot of current circulation coins. One of the odd ones that I noticed was a 1969 Canadian quarter that has the gold color it would have if it was composed of brass. However, I don't think that Canada minted any brass quarters. What was done to this coin and how was it probably done? The details of the coin do not appear to have been hurt by whatever was done. I would take a picture, but it's just basically a quarter that is the same color as a loonie.


Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge,



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It's NI. The only copper-nickel alloy used in Canadian coins were for 5c from 1982 and later (with some since 1999 being steel).


Nickel and copper both have very similar specific gravity #s, so it would be difficult to tell an off-metal from a regular piece that was plated. But since it'd be unlikely that there's a planchet for another coin (in brass) of the same size, weighing it and comparing the weight to another 25c would probably be the easiest way to tell.

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