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credit notes of 1918 by USA


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Hi all,


I want to thank each and every one of you by helping me gathering the idea of Banknote collecting and Russian Banknote as well :ninja:


I have raed that there were 2 credit notes that Russian published at the end of 1918 - 25 Rouble and 100 Rouble.


I have found some pictures of the notes (I'm not sure of it) the resamble an American Dollar that's why I think I'm right about them.


I want to know more about the notes:


the size of the notes - 25 R and 100 R.


Who are the figures on the Bank notes (looks like two females) _ iwould be glad to know more about them (or to be directed to a page with info about the notes) ;)


I want to know the detailes on the Obs and Rev of the two Bank notes.


I would be glad if you'll help me with the info I need ;)


Thanks in advanced


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