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How did you get started collecting??

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Hi All


I just started getting involved in coin collecting. It happened kind of out of nowhere. I collect old solid gold case wrist watches made by Gruen and Hamilton.

Circa 1930-1945. Anyway, two weeks ago I am visiting some local pawn shops looking for watches. While there a customer came into the store with two US gold coins to sell. The owner offered $125.00 for the coins. After taken proper ID he paid the customer.

I was fascinated with the small coins. I looked closer at the coins and realized that they were at one time US currency. The coins looked to be in good shape.

I offered the owner a quick profit of $125.00. So my purchase with no coin knowledge was $250.00. He quickly accepted, I have purchased watches from him in the past so he knew me and accepted my offer. So here is what I learned about my little coins. Both are $1 US gold coin.


One is 1853 O.. New Orleans mint. The other is also 1853 with a D mint mark. I believe to be Dalonega mint in Georgia?


I am fascinated with the intricate detail and workmanship on such a small piece of gold.. I have decided to focus on US $1 gold coins dated from 1850-1859

I am not looking for proofs or uncirculated coins but simple, not made into jewelry coins from that time period. I am not looking for any monetary gain just something to do and learn and leave for the Grandchildren.


Please forgive the long winded post. I am just excited about my new hobby. I look forward to reading and learning and sharing more stories about collecting.





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Welcome, Aces!


What a great start to the hobby. My intro to coin collecting was a pair of gold coins from my father's collection. Post some pics of yours if you get a chance!


Also, that series will be very $$$! So get ready!

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My husband is the coin collector in the family but he can't use the computer so here's his "How I Got Started" story. He was a paperboy (circa 1950) and one of his customers gave him a silver dollar for Christmas. He was hooked. Even though we recently sold off a lot of his lesser silver pieces, he still has that particular dollar. Like a lot of kids in our generation, I had the Whitman books that I tried filling in but the hobby didn't bit me as deeply as my husband. When we met, I gave him my coin books and he gave me his stamps.

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