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  1. I agree but we're old and don't have time to wait.
  2. My husband is the coin collector in the family but he can't use the computer so here's his "How I Got Started" story. He was a paperboy (circa 1950) and one of his customers gave him a silver dollar for Christmas. He was hooked. Even though we recently sold off a lot of his lesser silver pieces, he still has that particular dollar. Like a lot of kids in our generation, I had the Whitman books that I tried filling in but the hobby didn't bit me as deeply as my husband. When we met, I gave him my coin books and he gave me his stamps.
  3. I asked for the new pennies in the bank a couple of weeks ago and was told that so many people are turning in rolls of pennies that they don't have to order new ones from the feds---just another byproduct of a bad economy, I guess. I'm in the Mid West. My husband wanted one so bad I finally bought one on eBay for 99 cents with free shipping. When you add up all his costs, he's not making much. So I was glad to have the opportunity to give my husband a cheap thrill. LOL
  4. Hi Mike, I'm pretty new here, too, and signed up for the same reason as you. One thing is for sure, the members here really have a broad knowledge base about coins. You'll like it here.
  5. That's a great token! I could easily get talked in to collecting 'Century of Progress' stuff. I have a few things already but I have not seen this before.
  6. Twitter is taking over the world. YeOldCollector: Those are beautiful coins you have up for sale. Good luck! .
  7. Wow! Just beautiful! What are you using for a camera?
  8. I do a little buying and selling on e-Bay and if it's possible to put in feedback before an auction is over, that's news to me. What you really should do before putting your better coins on is start with selling cheaper stuff to build up your feedback. Everyone is leery of people with no feedback to speak of. Another option for selling your better stuff on e-Bay is to go with a service that does sales for you. They have lots of feedback and thus are trusted more with high ticket items. I don't know what country you're in but in my hometown (USA, population 600,000) there are at least four serv
  9. OOPS! I just realized that I replied to a very old post in this thread (see above). I didn't realized that the thread was 58 pages long. I must have replied to one at the bottom of the first page. SORRY! .
  10. I'm in awe that you found currency at a thrift story to buy. That's what makes collecting so fun, that you never know what you'll find and where. Enjoy your bank notes no matter what you did or should have paid for them. It's the thrill of the hunt that gets addicting don't you think, and making "mistakes" is all part of the learning process should you have paid too much. I look forward to seeing your scans of your thrifty store finds. We have some from the Bahamas---a 1/2, $1, $3, $5 and a $10 plus some coins---that we picked up on vacation back in the late 1960s. I've never placed much v
  11. No, she didn't. But I have since been told at the bank that our area is a being tested by the feds to see if they can get people using the $1 coins. They have a sign up in the bank saying that the USA is one of two countries that still uses paper currency for under $5. (I found that hard to believe. Can you tell I don't know much about world coins and currency?) I have since been back to Starbucks where I got the two, new $1 coins in change and I was told they get them in every day.
  12. Welcome to the forums, Mark. I'm a newbie too. As for your wife, you could do like my husband did with his collecting. He'd buy something for my collection when ever he'd buy something for himself.
  13. May I ask why you're selling them? Seems like they would be something nice to tuck away for your future grandkids. Everyone should have a coin from a great-great-great grandparent. For me, there is something almost spiritual in holding a coin that one of my ancestors once held---makes me feel connected. I have an 1872 liberty seated silver dollar that I wouldn't part with for that very reason.
  14. Great pieces, Bill. I have a two part badge very similar to yours done in that same time frame. Beautiful art work.
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