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Help Needed, What is the Error?

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When metal moves like that it is normally because the die is either breaking down, as noted, or possibly because a thin layer of grease was on the die. Likely grease, a thin layer of it on the die (would also attribute this to the overall weakness) to keep it from rusting was probably not completely removed. I see this on new coins all the time, mainly on dimes. The metal would flow in a "squish" pattern from a radial center, much like you have here. I can't offer any proof that this is what it is however, it is just my experience as a metal-smith that I am pulling from.

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Walsall Token One Penny 1811, Druid's Head Payable by Joseph Parker.


What is the cause of the striation lines from the edge to the inscription on the obverse and also from the edge to the wreath on the reverse.


Is it, as I suspect, just rust on the dies?


Hello all!


I read awhile back that this type of die wear is caused by air escaping from between the dies.

The dies being a pattern, the air always escapes in the same out burst direction and eventually,

with over use, carves out these channels or rays........all of course, as the others said: die wear.


Have fun, help others, reference and gain knowledge thru this wonderful site!!!!

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