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50 kop 1909 on eBay


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I am 99.99% sure that this is one of the Chinese fakes.

Correction: 100%!


Here is the real thing (pictures are scanned from V.V. Kazakov: "Coins of Nicholas II"):



Not only is the date badly done, but there is a certain detail on the obverse which ALL of these fakes have in common, regardless of date. Do you see it? :ninja:


Here is the fake coin (I have saved these images to my own web server):



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The raised dot on the neck?



Correct! :ninja:


I saved images from all of the replica auctions by that eBay seller, and each obverse image has the same dot (a wart?) on Nicholas' neck next to the beard.


On the reverse, I have also noticed that the eagle looks a little too small ... the distance between the longest tail feather and the "E" in the denomination is larger than on the originals.


Most of the coins show the "1" in the date too close to the legend, too.

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The distance between 9 and Г. is also too short. And the rim letters are incorrect as well. However, I must admit that "the wart"notwithstanding, the portrait itself is pretty well done.

Again, many thanks for sharing your opinions.

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