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US Mint: Two Bullion Coins Remain, 2009 Coin Launches to be Delayed


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Article from CoinNews.net: http://www.coinnews.net/2008/11/25/us-mint...e-delayed-4553/


American Eagle silver and gold coinsHigh demand has depleted all but the American Eagle Gold and Silver one-ounce coins from its 2008-dated bullion coin inventory, the United States Mint told authorized dealers in a memo Monday. Further, the Mint said it will delay the launch of other bullion coins until later in 2009, citing difficulties in acquiring blanks.


"The quantities of blanks that we have been able to acquire from our suppliers continue to be very limited, while demand for bullion coins remains high. As a result, it is necessary for the United States Mint to delay the launch of other bullion coins until later in 2009. We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you informed as additional information becomes available."


The Mint said its final 2008 bullion allocation for dealers will occur on Monday, December 15. It will then begin selling 2009-dated American Eagle Gold One-Ounce and American Eagle Silver One-Ounce Bullion Coins on an allocated basis on Monday, December 29.


The coins in question are the non collector bullion versions the Mint provides to its select dealers who distribute the coins worldwide. However, its 2008-dated proof and uncirculated collector coins sold directly to the public are also quickly becoming exhausted, as is evident from the chart of gold and platinum coins listed on U.S. Mint Collector Bullion Coin Prices, Premiums and Sales Figures.


Physical demand for bullion coins has been high this year driven by volatile precious metal prices and investors seeking refuge into physical assets like silver, gold and platinum. Many times finding bullion coins and bars to buy has been difficult at best.


The United States Mint has been unable to weather the storm, having to allocate shipments and suspend or cut off certain coin sales this year. It is not alone. The Perth Mint of Australia announced Friday it would suspend gold orders until January.

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