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1969-S double date

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This kind of doubling is know as machine doubling. It is an error coin but the value is minimal and probably only a small premium to those that collect such errors. Many including myself would throw it back unless uncirculated or utilize it as an educational example.

As far as close ups for your subject photos if you have a loupe you could try holding it to your camera lens and see if that helps.

Lets see what others have to say on this subject as well.



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A good REFERENCE with pictures of a 1969 S double die and examples of machine doubling. You can compare your cent and see that it is clearly machine doubling. (Click on reference and it will take you there.)

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I just found this in my coins and wondered what it could be worth.I asure you the hole date is doubled strong and mint mark (must be the angle on scanner) but if you know a better way to take pics of coins close up let me know.







I agree with the other two opinions, mainly because the double is flat and not rounded. It is, however, a nice example of machine doubling. I bet your heart skipped a few beats when you first found it, eh?


Here's a story for you: I used to sell on eBay under the same screen name,mudhut1000. I bought 1969 mint sets by the oodles just in case.....well, I found one!!!! It was back before there was even a price listed anywhere for this double die coin!! I hung onto it with the intent of getting it graded. I had all my coins for grading in a pile beside my coins/mint sets which I was packaging for mailing to people who won them on ebay. Yep, your getting the picture. I was in a hurry to get the ebay items packaged & into the mail that day and the mailman was due any minute! I couldn't find the last 1969 mint set and panicked, looking everywhere for it...and all of a sudden, there it was....into the padded envelope it went and into the mail. Man was I glad I had found that 1969 mint set and got it into the mail in a very timely manner!!! So, if you bought a 1969 mint set from ol' mudhut1000 back about 1998 or so, you got a winner!! AND YES, this is a very, very true happining.........I'm still crying.

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:ninja: Great story, mudhut! I'm sorry for your loss but I'm glad to see you have a sense of humor about it!


And welcome to Coin People!



Thanks.....by the by, have you looked at my 1971-S Pr DDO?1971_S_Pr_ddo_2.jpg


It's great to be here!!



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