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Arnold Zadikow medal 7

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Arnold Zadikow (1884-1943) was a Jewish sculptor who worked in many mediums: silver, stone, glass and metals. He died in 1943 in the Theresienstadt ghetto. I have 7 bronze medals from the WWI period that came from one source: a Jewish family that fled Berlin in 1939 and until now had maintained possession of the medals. Like Ludwig Gies, Zadikow trained in Munich and was a pupil of Heinrich Wadere.


I have lots of information on the web about his life but none of it about his art medals. I do not know if he did more medals than these 7 for example. Can anyone help?


You will notice that this image is also my Coinpeople avatar due to its Scottish interest!



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they are all very stylized and morose...but very interesting.

I'll second that --wonderful Halloween images ... except for the fact that the death they portray is all too real. I love the way the skeleton's form is fitted into the medal's circle in different ways each time. Great designs. I don't know anything about this engraver, but would love to learn more!

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I will not be publishing (in the tradional sense) as Daniel Fearon medal dealer is writing up an article for The Medal for next year and this I hear will cover Zadikow's medal years. Zadikow's medals are very good compositions and close to those of Walther Eberbach in using the old concept of the dance of death and updating it to current times.


In addition I would hope that all visit my website www.macarenses.co.uk


which is a collection of my protest collage art and more specifically here my collection of protest art of which these medals are just one part. The medals I have loaded up recently are all part of what I collect: protest graphics be it in print or in this case medallic object ranging from the American Civil War to the Falklands War in the 1980s.


On my website choose the 'Wunderkammern' part which is where my collection is. The satirical german notgeld part of which I have a big collection is still under construction.



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