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Buying from non-US Dealers


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I have been wanting to pick up some US and World notes that several non-US dealers have in stock for some time. Some of the World notes are exceptional in grade and are very difficult to find.


I also watch the Forex market and with the surge of the US $ to other currencies it presents a good buying opportunity.


For example in the last 4-6 weeks the Canadian dollar has dropped roughly 26% and more for the Australian $.


Basically I can now pick up some quality notes I have wanted overseas, not worry about their GST and take advantage of the US$ position. One note has typically run about $180-200 for some time and now I can get it for about $100-120 plus some shipping. These are better prices than other US dealers are offering.


Just a suggestion.



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Even though I purchase from abroad, I still stay local (which for me includes Canada) and most of my purchases are from here. While I would prefer to buy in North America for the speed and convenience, the world wide dealers just have a lot more inventory and prices that can't be beat by a long shot.


I regularly buy from non US vendors and enjoy their broader selection and their (usually) cheaper prices. Sometimes the US guys (as well as larger non US sellers) have their prices VASTLY inflated. For instance, the last 'Great Deal' I got was on my Vanuatu 5000 Vatu Banknote. It's hard to find in in North America, and when you do, it's over 100 dollars. Well, I sent away to Australia for it, waited a few extra days for it to get here, and saved over $60.00! !


I'm going to the Post office today to pick up a banknote from Spain that I saved over $40.00 by avoiding the North American and larger world dealers. and I am anxiously awaiting one from Turkey that I saved about 75 dollars on.


When a current banknote is being offered to you for 75 dollars more than it's face value, you really need to shop around a bit.

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