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How to Get the Most from Your Local Banks


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I thought I'd share my bank-scouring methods to you all... as long as you don't cross my territory >:ninja:


What I like to do is keep $50 or so in my coin drawer to take with me to each of the banks in town every month or so (every week is preferable, but I don't have that much time). When I'm at the banks I make sure to ask for Ikes, halves, and older/mixed rolls of dollars in search of odd-year SBA's and Sac's post-2000. I keeps what I needs - which means silver, too - and deposit back what I don't. Every now and then I search through a few rolls of quarters, dimes, and nickels, and gank any pre-1982 pennies I can get.




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Keep that up for as long as possible. Many, many banks are dropping the policy of ordering or keeping not so common coins such as halves and large dollars. For example by me Bank of America, which has purchased most of the banks in the area, has told me their new policy for coins is this:

If you come in with large amounts of coins and their last cointing machine no longer works, they will not purchase a new one so your coins will be one of the following: NOT accepted even if you have an account. OR they will be accepted, put into plastic bags, be sent out for counting, charged for this service, the amount will be entered into your account somtime in the future.

No halves will be ordered or kept at any branch offices. No old large dollars, IKE's, will be kept or accetped.

Any old large dollar coins or halves in the vaults will be sent out to some other banks or the federal reserve.

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