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New Turkish coins in 2009


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I hope this news is not an old news, but the Turkish government will issue new coins and banknotes in 2009.


Some facts: In 2005 there was a monetary reform.

(1.000.000 Lira = 1 New Lira)

According to this monetary reform the government of Turkey issued new coins and banknotes. 1 Yeni (New) Kurus up to 1 Yeni (New) Türk Lirasi. In 2009 the denomination of these coins will be no longer Yeni Kurus/Yeni Türk Lirasi, but only Kurus/Türk Lirasi


The coins wearing a Yeni in their denomination will not be accepted in circulation from 1st January 2010, but they can be changed into the new coins until 2020.


Here is a link of the new coins/new banknotes :





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The coins from the current (YTL) series I find a little dull, with basically Atatürk on one side, and the face value on the other side. The new ones look better - sure, the "founding father" is still on every coin and note. But now there are other design elements too, like the Bosporus Bridge (50 kurus) or the Tree of Life (5 kurus). Oh, and for those who hoard YTL coins, the ten-year redemption period applies to notes. The coins can be redeemed until 31-Dec-2010 only.



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