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1 rouble 1938. has it been washed or is it a variant of colour?


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i bought recently a rouble from 1938. maximum a F. but what is curious is that it is green. here is a picture, next to another piece from my collection in similar condition. for sure it's not a fake( the guillot design is corect, with hidetails)

had it been washed? and if so, why the serial number is still black and the background is still similar with the original. if not, what is it?]

does anyone have something similar?

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More of a guess than anything, but - could it have been washed in bleach? That might have changed the brown color, and the paper border is definitely whiter and brighter. As for the serial number, I believe that the ink used on many if not most banknotes for serial numbering is quite different, and it is likely more resistant to the bleach.... especially if the ink is 'raised' on the serial number.


Neat note for comparison purposes anyway!



Edit: Forgot to mention that my catalog shown that there is no color variations anf that this note was issued only in 1938 (P213).

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