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A few World Coins!

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Here are a few various items that I have for sale.

1784 1 reale Ag/G $5 http://www.omnicoin.com/coin_view.aspx?id=950378 $2 Moved to ebay!!

1943 3d Vf $5 http://www.omnicoin.com/coin_view.aspx?id=950381$2


1800's 1/2d Canadian bank token $3 http://www.omnicoin.com/coin_view.aspx?id=950379-SOLD-

1837 1d Montreal bank token VG $3 http://www.omnicoin.com/coin_view.aspx?id=950377-SOLD-

1964B 1/2 franc Nicely toned Unc! $3 http://www.omnicoin.com/coin_view.aspx?id=950380$2

1960B 1 franc Aunc $3 http://www.omnicoin.com/coin_view.aspx?id=950382-SOLD-


If you are interested any of these send me a pm or post here.

Thank you for looking!!!

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