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1694 elephant token

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hi all im a newbie here thanks for haveing me.. anyways i found a token .. its a 1694 elephant token that reads god preserve new england 1694. some on other forums say its a copy otheers say its real. i recieved an email from a senior numismatic and he had me scan the token he replied that his findings were that he has no reason to determine its a copy and wants me to send it in to him. this is all new to me and any tips would be appreciated ...more pics paste link below my name







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here is some info I found a bit ago about these tokens, your variety is mentioned there.




as to whether it is authentic I couldnt say but this website says it is the most rare variety with only 3 example known to exist:


'The final variety is very rare, with only three examples known, and carries the reverse motto, GOD PRESERVE NEW ENGLAND 1694. In this variety the elephant's tusks are close to the rim. '


So its either fake or you have a very rare token.


I have a more common variety of elephant conder token.

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According to the old books, it should be between 17.5 and 18 mm in diameter and weight about 15.3 grams (I assume this is a thick example) or 8.6 grams (I assume a thin variety). That is one test to see if your example is in the range. From the photographs, however, I don't like the surface pits in the field on the reverse. It looks too smooth around the edges to be corrosion from being buried. Of course, better photographs could make a difference. It is supposed to have a milled edge according to the books, so it should not be smooth and it absolutely should not appear to have a seam running along any part of the edge. These should be clues to tip you more towards authentic or copy. If it is more than 18 mm in diameter and has a seam anywhere on the edge, you almost certainly have a copy.


If it is the correct size, weight, and the edge is milled, you might want to follow through with the expert. I don't know who it is, so I can't recommend sending them the token (or not sending it for that matter). If you are convinced it is real, this is a good time to use one of the major grading services. You waste your money if it is a copy. You've got one valuable token if they certify and encapsulate it. Best of all, you don't carry the burden of authenticity if you want to sell it.

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I'm not an expert on these, but the detail does look a bit weak. My initial thought is that it's a cast.

Click below for the pictures of originals:





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[dutchman heres the link to the tokens edge also i weighed it heres the weight didnt know what weight measurement to put here so i put all the weights

1. 116 gr

2.7.5 grams

3. 0.26oz

4. 4.8dwt

heres the link to the tokens edge


also i dont see a seam at alland its seems to be copper

thanks mikey

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