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Need Help with Copper Large Cent


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I have a problem with an Mint State Brown Large Cent I recently purchased.

The reverse of the coin was polished to much showing yellow metal below the browned patina.I was unable to darken the coin to restore it with Copper Darkener. I need help in bringing this coin back to its brown condition..Thank You..Rich

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Welcome to CP!


Secondly Gxseries is correct, anything done to a coin after it's been polish will damage it further. Also, if a coin was polished it is in no way "mint-state". Polishing is like an advanced form of soft wear and is akin to keeping the coin in your pocket for 10 years or so. This is the sad truth about polishing coins.


As for toning it. Do you have a photo? It all depends on how severe the damage is and how much detail was removed from the polishing.

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