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This one went sky-high...


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I almost sniped it, but didn't ... the fields looks like they were scrubbed a little. I stayed up until 4 AM (Swiss time) then backed out after looking closely at this one and some of the roubles he was selling:



Two years ago, a much nicer one (also XF/AU, but not cleaned) sold on eBay for $300. I have seen two or three other 1909 coins over that period of time, but not such high grade. There was one in the Hess-Divo sale 306 as part of a larger lot. So I think that I will eventually find a better coin than this.


Did I do the right thing? It was certainly a difficult decision. Might have bought it for $300 or so ... but $1,000? :ninja:

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Hi Bob.

It was about 2-3 y. ago when i was bout mine 50 kop 1909 ( UNC)form ebay price was about 350 USD. Same time and same seller sold 50 kop 1906 ( VF).

This time i dont have so much money to buy bouth of them.Dont remember selling price of 1906 poltina but less than 400 USD i belive.

Now one of my friend selling 50 kop 1906 ( VF ) and price are 1600 EUR.

And now is possible to buy 50 kop 1908 ( VF+) 950 USD.

I belive that 1909 y poltina price was littel bit high. 800 USD its ok.


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I was also overbid on Poltina 1908 recently, but I don't find this eBay item now.

Augsburger's auction at end of December last year? That was me ... the coin was stolen in the mail, but I got my money back. :ninja:

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