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Unknown, Islamic?


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:ninja: i can read arabic yes...but not in that state xD!! ;) all i can make out is allah written in arabic in the first pic.

so yes 100% islamic related.


more info by google

the Muwahhids, produced another oddity, a square dirham that lacked every type of identifying mark and bore nothing other than religious phrases (and just occasionally a mintname). These square coins became extremely popular and were copied by the neighboring Christians, the small Islamic state of Granada, and several states in Northern Africa including the Hafsids of Tunisia and the Marinids of Morocco.


source :- http://users.rcn.com/j-roberts/spain.htm


some examples in this link :- http://users.rcn.com/j-roberts/muw.htm

examples of the spanish christians square coins :- http://users.rcn.com/j-roberts/spa.htm


more examples can be found in the link from the source page


hope this helps huss ;)

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