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Things I never noticed...


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I was looking at the reverse of the Iowa SQ today. I never noticed the "GRANT WOOD" below the image.



Even though he died more than 65 years ago, his design graces the coin - one of the nicer and (according to that other thread) more popular designs. You may know this work of his a bit better:



I also never noticed that you can see the wood slats of the schoolhouse's siding - even on circulated coins.


What cool things have you ever noticed on the SQs that you didn't notice at first glance?

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Now that all the 50 "real" state quarters have been minted (unreleased states in proof sets) questions like this about the SQs are going to be fun. Like what's the best state-outline. How many states used boats, horses, other forms of transportation. But what is the deal with Wyoming???? It will win the award for most unimaginative! WY is a beautiful state but the coin looks like clip-art! :ninja:

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