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1918/7 D Buffalo Nickel


Whats the grade?  

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  1. 1. Whats the grade?

    • AG
    • G
    • VG
    • F
    • VF
    • XF
    • AU

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What an outstanding beauty! I wanted very much to give it an AU, but the wear around the tail is a bit more pronounced than anywhere else. I am going to say an XF45....now show me the slab with the AU50 on it :ninja:(BTW: I have always felt that the *huge* price of this overdate was completely unjustified and resulted from every album including this hole).

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It is not a coin that is encountered often tho. Im gonna guess and say that I see 50 3 leggers to every 1 overdate.


Yeah the 3-legged is even more of an offense - sheesh, a guy gets a little carried away with the polisher and it costs us a fortune...almost as bad as the 22 no D, the price of which, in my opinion, is a capital offense :ninja:


But back to the coin in hand..well at least in your hand.

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I went with VF because of the full horn. On the Obv. Liberty is wearing down, and on the Rev. the hip is wearing flat, This is a very nice coin and would love to have it in my collection.

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