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  1. This coin sold for $29 on ebay.
  2. I have also listed a 1961 D Jefferson Nickel with a clip error. I found in a roll the same day I found the penny. Take a look if you want to. Thanks http://cgi.ebay.com/1961-Jefferson-Nickel-Clip-Error-/280706131854?pt=Coins_US_Individual&hash=item415b63a78e
  3. I have decided to sell the coin. I have listed it on ebay. It is a good find and my first error coin find, but I would really like to sell it and add to my Buffalo collection. Check it out if you want to. I have set a reserve on the item that is fair to everyone and THANKS. http://cgi.ebay.com/1990-Penny-Huge-CUD-Error-/280706079781?pt=Coins_US_Individual&hash=item415b62dc25
  4. Found in a roll a few days ago any ideal of the worth? Thanks
  5. found in a roll yesterday. Thanks for looking.
  6. found this in a roll the other day. what would something like this be worth????
  7. Im new at this and was told I should buy the red book so I ordered one and wanted to make sure I got the right one is this it???A Guide Book of United States Coins by R. S. Yeoman. Thanks
  8. Im still trying to get use to this site and how to upload photos. Here is a link to see what I found in that jar. Nothing of great value but I like them. http://omnicoin.com/collection/DucktownDave
  9. I went with VF because of the full horn. On the Obv. Liberty is wearing down, and on the Rev. the hip is wearing flat, This is a very nice coin and would love to have it in my collection.
  10. I went with AU50 on this one, and you got a good deal for $4, nice buy.
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