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Iraq Dinar Counterfeit scheme uncovered!


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Iraq Dinar Counterfeit scheme uncovered!

Posted by george


Counterfeits valued at 900 million dinars uncovered !


It was only a matter of time that a counterfeit operation would be uncovered. Over the last week this was posted by the news service bureau of the Multi-National Corps - Iraq, Public Affairs Office, Camp Victory:



RELEASE No. 20071130-09

November 30, 2007


Iraqi Army seizes counterfeit money

Multi-National Division – Baghdad PAO


FORWARD OPERATING BASE LOYALTY, Iraq – Iraqi Army troops captured two suspected insurgents and recovered counterfeit Iraqi dinars during an operation in eastern Baghdad, Nov. 27.


More than 900 million counterfeit Iraqi dinars was uncovered in the operation, along with a printing press and four computers. The press and computers were also seized.


The suspects are being held for questioning.


The denominations and identifying information was not forthcoming when asked.


So there will be some interesting collectibles out there.

And do be careful when buying bulk lots of currency on various internet auction sites.

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