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Rather rare find among modern coins


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Well, this one is probably the most elusive of modern Israeli coins. Not because of the small mintage - 2,000 - but because distinguishing it from business trike is so hard. No Hebrew "mem" letter to rely upon, no special other features. As a matter of fact it only met one, but in my opinion most critical validating factor as described by Sylvia Heffner - a lack of four rays spreading from the center of obverse out. I have seen at least a dozen other 58'th with various degrees of "proof-like"ness but they all had these rays. Another sign is some frosting on the high releif script on obverse. It come with the nice olive wood small box from reliable dealer which gave me a bit of a confidence to spend $150 on it. Strike in itself is nothing spectaqular, there are multiples surfaces defects in the fieslds that can be seen, either from the die imperfections of flan itself. One more, but critical step toward complete Israel collection had been made. I have posted it among my other collection coins (see signature at the bottom) but if you want full size 1 MB scans e-mail me.

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