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1830 2 kop EM


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Hello again!


One more coin from my loose collection. This one came from a dealer in Germany, who did not claim that it was real. Catalogs list this as a scarce novodel (Bitkin R2). The side of the coin with the eagle (averse) is lovely, the reverse side is suspiciously bumpy and uneven. I'm hoping that this time the links will work this time:) Please let me know if they are inaccessible again.






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Steve, thanks for trying to help me!


I rared the bmp scanned at 300dpi and uploaded it to this site. Hope it works.



Hi Alex, I don't have winrar with me here in England. This will have to wait until I get back to New York next week.

So far, based on the lo-res image you posted, it looks OK (at least the Eagle does) but I can't say anything more yet.



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