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1859 Rouble reverse variety


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Hello everyone!


I've had some free time and spent it studying pictures of 1859 commemorative roubles.

Based on that I noticed there are two slightly different reverses of this coin (The "horse rider" side) in addition to two observes (low and high relief). These can both be found from Bitkin's book: One from Bitkin 566-567 and the other one is just like the one in the medal (Bitkin 569-). Differences are small but clear, for example the statue is positioned different: In the "medallic" issue the head of the horse rider is a little bit lower (when compared to the text) compared to the ordinary coin (found also several other differences). This medallic reverse seems to be linked with high relief observes, but I'm not sure about that.


Here's a medallic reverse (found also others and one auction item where this is described):




This "analysis" was very quick and based on a sample of about 20 coins. I must also wonder, if this is afake coin, but why take the reverse from the medal and observe from the rouble? The weight of this coin in the picture is exactly correct (20.73 grams).



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