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new type of error coin discovered?


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may i know what kind of error coin is this?as i dont find this error of the 10 common errors,i think its security edge error,this error is due to the mistake in cutting the security edge to prevent forgery.but the ring is not fully cut remain like 20c coin.this is 1967 malaysia 50c coin.the coin made in uk by british last time.india,singapore,brunei and hongkong coin security edge are all the same during that time becouse all were made in uk by british.the actual 50c edge is the last picture.hope anyone of you can give me some information.thanks have a nice day





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You might have an interesting edging error coin there I'm not too sure how common it is but I do believe early Malaysian error coins are actually quite scarce unlike error coins these days - they seem to be intentionally struck and a mass amount of them are in the market at the moment.


Welcome to coinpeople by the way :ninja:

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