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1960 Lincoln bu

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Yesterday I had the distinct privilege of having this coin attributed by Mr. Tom Miller.

He said it is definitely a triple mm with an east and west spread.


Not until after he saw my coin he told me that he is the Tom Miller who co-authored The RPM Book published in 1983. He showed me the book he has in his store and I hungrily searched through all the 1960 d pictures. I would have preferred to have been able to take a copy home with me, but he has no extras to sell. However, I have a plea going out on our 'Want to Buy' forum and I hope someone will be able to part with their copy.


Mr. Miller also looked at a few other coins and was most interested in the 1998 p with the bottom of the B filled in. He wanted one for his personal collection and gave me two dollars for it. I was so excited to be able to sell a coin to a well known individual that I didn't stop to think that perhaps I should have given him the coin as a small token of my appreciation for all that he has taught me in my visits to his store. I am certain I will correct this next visit I make to his shop.



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