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ANA Lawsuit Heads to Court


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The American Numismatic Association and Executive Director Christopher Cipoletti are gearing up for a Sept. 25 trial against former ANA employees and consultants.


The ANA board acted Aug. 13 to remove co-plaintiff Cipoletti from day-to-day management responsibilities of the ANA with instructions to focus on the pending litigation. He has been replaced on an acting basis by former ANA President Kenneth Hallenbeck.


Although Cipoletti was listed "of counsel" to a Colorado Springs firm as late as August 2007 while he was still the ANA's full-time executive director, on behalf of the ANA and himself as co-plaintiff he hired Denver lawyers and sued former computer consultants to the ANA, as well as several former employees in El Paso County, Colo., district court, according to documents filed July 22, 2005.




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