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52-D with a wing

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That's just great! OK, hotshot. You still need to come up with something about my 52-D, you know, the one with a wing. Hey man, I've have surfred this ne along as my eyes can take and the best I can get from my dealer was "Never seen anything like it", No kidding. I need some quidance here folks. Which way or where do I go from here?1952z.jpg


Ok, I broke down after 343 hits on the error coin, so after a couple months I sent COIN WORLDS Clearinghouse because they are experts on eror type coins. I described it to him and he asked for a pic (see Attached). He did not have that more than 20 minutes when he wrote back for me to send it ASAP to. I did. 3 months later (I know they are busy) I get my coin back with a written version of a shrug. "Never Seen anything Like it, etc, etc. It was done at mint,,? Where are all the others?

So anyway my numismatic family, I am back to square 1.

Almost forgot, While I was in the VA hospital for my monthly thing, I'm gone no more than 24 hrs. When I get home feeling yuckish, I noticed my coin sets an various brief cases gone. About $37K (depending on who you talk to. The only possitive is that the coins were all certified and I had a list for the police, pawn shops, coin dealers, etc.

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To me it looks like some kind of die gouge. Personally I'd bring it to a coin show where NGC or PCGS are and see what they say. Maybe if some of the known error specialist are there stop by their booth and ask. (Fred Weinberg, Ken Potter, etc.)

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