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Nicaragua error note


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As most everyone here knows, I am not really a note collector, but always try to add a few to complement my coin collections, when I can find something nice, and priced right. So, with that said, please pardon my ignorance here, and humor me with an answer to a probably silly question.


I have had this note for many years, too many to even remember when/where/how/why I got the note, but I have it, and that is that.


The note in question is a Nicaragua 5000 cordobas note, crisp uncirculated, in one of those pocket currency holders. I looked it up on Ron Wise's site, and thought I found it as P#146 (1985). But mine has an overprint, so I looked further, and found it listed as P#157 (1988). I checked, and double-checked, and my note is almost the exact same as the picture of P#157. The only difference is the overprint, on the reverse, is inverted. The writing on it is upside down, on the left side of the note, smack dab on top of the building. It's not on the right, in the open space where it should be. The overprint on the obverse is correct, just the reverse overprint is inverted.


I did a quick search through a couple of known banknote dealers (banknotes.com, etc.) and it appears that the normal P#157 is a common coin, worth only a couple dollars. Would the inverted overprint make it more valuable, or is it an error as common as the proper note? What kind of value does it have, and is anyone interested??

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