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2 Kopek 1812 EM


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Help needed with this




I think it lookes as


Mint Master HM (Nicholai Mundt) But as he was only working beteween 1810 - 1811 and this is a 1812 coin that confusess me a LOT!.

Also interested to know how you would price this coin it´s wery nice & weight is 15.56gr


I would be happy for any help!


Best Regards

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Hi Numinen,


I am sure that many members of this forum can give you a very accurate idea of how much this coin is worth, and of course being a novice, I am not one of them. I find it totally impossible to keep up with the price escalation of Russian coins. ;)


I had a friend once who was an old horse dealer. Whenever asked about the true value of a horse he would say:

"This horse is a great horse, and it's well worth every penny you are WILLING to pay for it." ;)


Perhaps, with the current trend of rising prices, this is a philosophy we should all adopt. :ninja:

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