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Yugoslavia - 1994 - 1 para - KM#161 - Mandic#79

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I am tired of looking at this hole in my binder, and I want it filled, NOW!!!!


According to both Krause and Mandic, this 1 year type coin had a mintage of over 25 million, and I have found no mention anywhere of a recall, meltdown, or withdrawl (other than inflationary obsolescence and a monetary reform a few years later)


Mandic (2006 edition) lists it UNC at €1.00, Krause (2002 edition) lists it UNC at $0.35.


For the first person to find me one in XF or better, I will offer $10.00 (postage included). I can pay via PayPal (not credit card payment), or US$ bank check. Just fill this damned hole for me!!!!!

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